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Happy (Belated) Turkey Day!

After having posted my unedited ER x-ray in honor of Halloween to Instagram, and other social media accounts, two years ago I then had the fun idea of using the same x-ray for Thanksgiving…but with a little editing to make it more practical for such a holiday. Not to mention that I have been MORE than thankful each of the four years that such a holiday has occurred since acquiring my injury, and will continue to be in years to come!

Hope that everyone had a Happy Turkey Day with their own friends and families!

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Longtime No Post + Happy Halloween 2017

I know that I’ve been beyond lazy on updating my recovery blog this year, and I apologize to all of my subscribers for that. I’ve, honestly, been looking to migrate all of it’s content from the current domain, MacchioTrustFund.com, to the new one that I secured a little while ago to match my hashtag, SlowlyButSurelyTBI.com, but am a little nervous of my novice coding self loosing all of the entries that currently exist on here… 😳

ANYWAYS, I’m planning to DEFINITELY have it all migrated over to the new domain by next year. Also planning to make the same New Year’s resolution that I gave myself last year, to update it AT LEAST once a month.

The thing that really inspired me to publish this posting is the fact that it’s Halloween and that I never shared the GIF image that I made and found after looking through my Stanford Hospital medical records CD two years ago and somehow never made its way to my blog. #blameitontheTBI

SO, Happy Halloween + stay safe out there everyone! 💀 🍬 🎃 🍫 👻